Frequently Asked Questions

Demystifying the energy industry isn’t an easy task, but the answers below can hopefully add some clarity to your understanding.

As your energy consultant, we focus on finding you the best solution, which allows you to focus on your core business. The deregulated energy markets are highly volatile and prices change hour by hour. Timing is a key factor in taking advantage of pricing decreases. We monitor the market for you so that you can be nimble, as well as proactive, in lowering your energy costs.

No. Each retailer offers a similar product offering, each with its own unique set of conditions. . However, these subtle differences can have a dramatic impact on your overall cost, so the right questions need to be asked. How is the product structured? How much usage tolerance is allowed? What happens if my usage increases or decreases? Are there hidden fees? Are transmission costs included? We make it simple for our clients to make informed, confident choices by providing an apples-to-apples comparison of each supplier’s pricing and contract terms and conditions.

We work as a consultant to provide our clients with offers from various alternative energy suppliers. These energy suppliers compete for your business through our process. Once the successful supplier is chosen, Method Energy is paid a commission from that supplier. We have no retailer affiliation, which allows us to provide unbiased representation for our clients.

You can certainly request quotes from different energy retailers. However, each retailer has their own set of products, each with different prices, features, and terms and conditions. Without spending a significant amount of time to understand them fully, you may find yourself making a rushed decision without understanding all the facts. Method Energy professionals provide a detailed comparison that allows you to evaluate your needs quickly, and effectively. We aim to be your partner, working as your single point of contact to liaise with all interested suppliers. This saves you valuable time as you leverage our knowledge, experience, and contacts to select the best possible contract that meets all your requirements.

Only the commodity portion itself is deregulated. Businesses are able to choose who supplies their energy, and the manner by which they are charged. Leveraging this vibrant wholesale market provides you with a great set of options. The transmission/distribution portion of your invoice is still regulated, meaning your local utility continues to service the physical delivery of your energy.

We prepare a line-item electricity budget for each client, either during the procurement process or after a contract is signed. This budget projects future cost based on the actual contract rate and historical usage data, while making adjustments for anticipated future usage. If the regulated delivery/distribution portion of the invoice changes, we will revise your budget accordingly.

No. Our alternative suppliers do not charge switching fees. Once you select a retailer, we handle all administrative details to ensure that your account transfers seamlessly, making it simple for you, and avoiding any service disruptions.
In almost all cases, no additional equipment is required. The chosen retailer will deliver the electricity over the same lines as before, because the transmission and distribution system is still owned and provided by the utility. If an additional phone line is ever required, our professionals will work with the necessary parties to ensure that this is handled smoothly.
Not at all. The local utility continues to operate services to your building. They also continue to flow through the associated charges through your newly selected retailer. As a regulated utility, they are mandated to ensure reliability to each customer in their service area. It makes no difference to them which retailer supplies your energy.
Choosing a retailer for a contract is strictly a financial transaction, so there are no physical changes. The only difference is that your monthly energy invoice(s) may come from another company.

The delivery of your natural gas and electricity is still regulated and maintained by the local utility. Should you experience a service disruption, your local utility should be contacted immediately for assistance.