Natural Gas Aggregation Program

Method Energy is proud to offer all APAS members a Group Natural Gas Procurement Program. This program enables producers to combine their natural gas volume requirements thus reducing their natural gas commodity costs.

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The APAS Natural Gas Aggregation Program for Nov. 1, 2018 Flow Dates has reached SaskEnergy’s deadline.

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and we will advise you regarding other options.

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Cost Savings

Enjoy bulk purchasing power — Access wholesale market pricing by combining your natural gas volume with other APAS members.

Fixed Price

With Method Energy, you can lock in a fixed price for your natural gas up to five years, allowing you to budget and forecast your expenses.

Customer Service

Your account numbers, billing process and natural gas service, all remain with SaskEnergy.

Seamless Transition

You will experience no downtime in your switch, and there are no start-up, connection, or transfer fees of any kind.